CCombos are evil
September 5th, 2009 by Eugene Ostroukhov

org.eclipse.swt.custom.CCombo are evil and should never be used as components on dialogs and editors!

They look deceptively “fine” on Windows: ccombo_win

But on MacOS X (I would expect same on on GTK) they look completely wrong:

ccombo_macosxIt is not always possible to test on other OSes – so I believe avoiding this component is a good way to make the UI look better on other OSes.

4 Responses  
  • Peter Štibraný writes:
    September 12th, 20097:46 pmat

    They doesn’t look (baseline is incorrect, there is noticeable border around arrow button) and more importantly behave correctly even on Windows.

  • Eric Rizzo writes:
    September 12th, 200911:42 pmat

    I suggest you enter a bug about that appearance on OS X; I looked for one but only found this:

  • Boris Bokowski writes:
    September 13th, 20092:05 amat

    Note that the JavaDoc for CCombo is very clear on what its purpose is: “CCombo was written to work around certain limitations in the native combo box. Specifically, on win32, the height of a CCombo can be set attempts to set the height of a Combo are ignored. CCombo can be used anywhere that having the increased flexibility is more important than getting native L&F, but the decision should not be taken lightly. There is no strict requirement that CCombo look or behave the same as the native combo box.”

    • Eugene Ostroukhov writes:
      September 13th, 20098:36 amat

      It does. But some plug-in developers are Windows only and assume that CCombo can’t be uglier then Windows version.

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